Birth Trauma Resolution

Whatever the circumstances surrounding a birth experience or pregnancy journey, some women can go on to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms (although not an exhaustive list) could include persistent flashbacks, reliving the events over and over or perhaps avoiding activities/places or anything that reminds them of their experience. Additionally, there are women who do not meet the full criteria of PTSD but their memory of the experience causes excessive emotional arousal (anger/anxiety) usually brought on by a specific trigger.

Who would benefit from Birth Trauma Resolution?
Birth Trauma Resolution isn’t only for women who have been through a traumatic birth experience. Other possible scenarios in which this therapy can help include the following:

  • Women who have had a previous trauma e.g. miscarriage, abuse, previous bad birth experience,unsuccessful IVF treatments and are feeling highly anxious about a future birth.
  • Women experiencing Primary Tokophobia (fear of childbirth in someone who has had no experience of it).
  • Birth companions who have been affected by witnessing a traumatic birth experience
  • Health professionals e.g. midwives who have witnessed a difficult birth experience

What happens in Birth Trauma Resolution Sessions?
The brain has a natural mechanism whereby a life threatening or highly emotionally arousing situation can eventually be processed and the memory of the trauma begins to fade into the background of our daily lives (processed as an ‘ordinary memory’). This natural process usually occurs within a month but for very good reasons, other people continue suffering symptoms and require support to resolve the traumatic memory and symptoms attached to it. The key reason why the natural process doesn’t occur is because the traumatic memory has become trapped in a part of our brain called the Amygdala and has prevented other key areas of the brain from rationally processing the event as an ordinary, non-threatening, past memory.

Following a thorough assessment, Birth Trauma Resolution sessions use an intervention known as the “Rewind Technique” to help “unhook” the feelings from the trapped memory in the Amygdala so that other areas of the brain can begin their role of processing the memory. Treatment doesn’t end there. For some people, the symptoms caused by a traumatic event can have lasting effects on their lifestyle and mind-set. Assessment would also help to identify if any of these areas have been affected and agree on a strategy to improve lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing.

This treatment is brief therapy work and people have been known to see results in a single session. However, everyone is different so length of treatment will depend on an individual’s needs.

Each Appointment £65 (90 min session)

For more information on how Birth Trauma Resolution can help you, please contact us.