Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis (trance) is a very natural experience which occurs spontaneously several times a day during normal daily life. Hypnotherapy simply harnesses the power of this natural phenomenon by inducing a hypnotic state for therapeutic effect.

In trance, the conscious mind quietens & it becomes possible to communicate with the unconscious mind, the part responsible for creating deep and lasting change. Direct suggestion sometimes works, and more often than not, the unconscious prefers more subtle and indirect forms of suggestion. This can take the form of story, metaphor, specific hypnosis processes and skilfully formed language patterns. From this, the unconscious makes its own meaning around whatever it is you intend to change and sets to work putting these shifts in place. Some people describe hypnosis as a deep level of relaxation or meditation or an altered or ‘dual’ awareness. Although it may initially appear very subtle, hypnotherapy has the potential to make profoundly deep and powerful lasting changes.

One of the many advantages of hypnotherapy is its incredible flexibility; the flexibility to be tailored to you as an individual and its versatility in the range of problems it can be used treat. Common reasons for seeking hypnotherapy include fertility support, resolving phobias, stress & anxiety, increasing self-esteem, overcoming addiction, weight management and changing non-useful patterns of behaviour.

Ways that Hypnotherapy can support Fertility:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety – There is, understandably, huge potential for stress & anxiety when conception is taking longer than expected or medical intervention is involved. However, studies have shown that stress can have a detrimental effect on chances of conception. It is therefore important that stress and anxiety levels are managed and decreased to improve your chances of conception and hypnotherapy can provide support to achieve this at a deeper unconscious level

Change non-useful Behaviours – Some behaviours and lifestyle choices can greatly affect the chances of conception. Some examples include food choices/diet, tobacco use, alcohol or even the regularity (or irregularity) of sex for whatever reason.

Now, I say lifestyle choices, but if a person is continuing with a behaviour which they consciously know is impeding their ability achieve something they desire with their entire being – to have a baby – then that behaviour isn’t really a choice after all, is it.

The chances are that this behaviour is rooted in something deeper and needs some unconscious processing in order to be unravelled, dissolved and replaced with new and more useful behaviours. Hypnothreapy is a useful tool for rewiring behaviours that we haven’t been able to change with conscious effort alone, and engaging new and useful behaviours to support you on your fertility journey.

Develop Mind/Body Communication – The mind & body are part of the same system – our unconscious processes mean that our heart beats, our temperature is maintained and our breathing regulates itself without a single conscious thought from you. It is this same unconscious system which regulates our fertility cycles, balances our hormones and prepares our bodies for potential conception.

In trance, it is possible to tap into these unconscious processes & make positive suggestions for new and more useful ways of functioning. After all, hypnosis has been shown to ease muscular spasms, strengthen immunity & reduce histamine reactions – these are all very physical things and these same techniques can be harnessed to develop the best environment possible in which pregnancy can occur.

Eliminate Fears & Phobias – In the same way that stress and anxiety can be major contributing factors when it comes to fertility, fears can also have the same effect. One specific fear is ‘tokophobia’ –the fear of pregnancy and, specifically, birth. Any fears, whether to do with pregnancy, birth or parenthood… these reside in our unconscious and have the potential to reduce chances of conception.You see, your unconscious mind, and the physical processes it takes care of, are constantly working towards what it thinks is best for you. So imagine this – A woman may feel deeply that a part of her wants to have a baby. At the same time, another part of her is holding onto a deep fear which could become a reality if a pregnancy was achieved. However, once a fear or phobia has been resolved, there is no longer conflict, therefore clearing the emotional field for greater fertility success

It’s important that you feel that hypnotherapy is right for you and that you have the chance to ask any questions, talk over your specific needs and get some guidance on the right approach for you. A short 15 minute initial telephone conversation is usually more than enough and, of course, there is no obligation to book – after all, you are investing in yourself & it’s important that you get this right.

Free initial  15 min phone consultation.
Clinical Hypnotherapy consultation £65 (90 mins),
Clinical HYPNOTHERAPY COnsultation with bespoke recorded audio hypnosis track £65 (60 mins)

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