IVF – ICSIID-10096422

Here at Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility, in Newcastle, we have extensive experience of supporting couples going through the IVF process. Acupuncture, Herbs, Fertility Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Massage can be used to prepare the body and mind before a cycle begins and many can be continued throughout your cycle to help give you the best journey possible.

Some of the potential benefits include:

  1. Alleviates the side effects of the medical treatments and improves response to hormonal stimulation.
  2. Helps to reduce the stress and tension faced by patients going through the different procedures.
  3. Improve blood flow to the pelvic organs improving chances for successful implantation.

We are flexible with egg collection/egg transfer bookings and by working as a team we are able to provide maximum support to our patients during an IVF cycle.

If you have undergone a failed round of IVF or you are about to embark on your first round, we recommend the following:

3 months before start of IVF

Some of our treatments will ideally be started three months before your medication starts. Here we will do a full fertility review, and build a personal treatment plan based on the history presenting and preferred therapies.  Some patients have a specific therapy in mind, so may want to combine a number of treatments such as Acupuncture, reflexology and Hypnotherapy.

Down Regulation

Weekly sessions to encourage the thinning of the endometrial lining and to help reduce side effects of the drugs.

Stimming/Up Cycle/Egg Collection

Weekly sessions to support follicle recruitment and growth, improve circulation and to relax the body for egg collection.

Egg Transfer

Treatments are tailored to the individual case and needs around egg collection and transfer.

Two week wait

Treatments can be used to aid relaxation at this most stressful period.