Currently Available Massages at Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility

Relaxing Massage

Aromatherapy Massage (90 min £50, 1HR £40, 30 Min £25)
Aromatherapy consists of deep or soft hand to skin massage with essential oils which are blended according to the needs of the individual receiving the massage. The individual plant derived oils have specific healing properties and together with the touch of the therapist work on many levels, often having a profound effect on the emotional and physical healing of an individual.

Back and Shoulder Massage (1HR £40, 30 Min £25)
This massage works deeper into the areas where many people experience most tension. It focuses on knots and adhesions causing pain in the back and shoulders.

Deep Tissue Massage ( 90min £50,1 HR £40, 30 Min £25)
This massage targets deeper level tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. Techniques involved are similar to that of sweedish Massage, but with more intensity so as to release chronic tension and muscular knots.

Deep Tissue Massage can increase blood flow whilst alleviating aches and pains by reducing inflammation. It can also be used to break up scar tissue, rehabilitate injured muscles and relieve stress.

Holistic Massage ( 1HR £40, 30 Min £25)
Let the treatment be tailored to you, Your therapist will combine a number of thier skills they feel are apropriate to you and your body to produce a bespoke treatment for you.

Indian Head Massage (40 min £30)
Indian Head Massagefocuses on the back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It is a deep massage that uses acupressure and aims to re-balance your body by focusing on the three higher chakras to release blocked, negative energy

Mizan Abdoiminal Therapy (MAT) (£40 60 mins)
Mizan Abdominal therapy is an abdominal massage technique developed using a number of systems including Myan, Indonesian and Malaysian techniques.

It is gentle but effective way of massaging the abdomen to improve the circulation and strengthenthe muscles and ligaments that hold the internal organs in their optimum positions. MAT relieves congestion and helps to remove blockages to stimulate physical and emotional health and well-being. It improves the health of the reproductive systems for both men and women, as well as benefitting the digestive system (More)

Myofacial Release (1 HR £40)
Myofascial Release is a manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions. Therapists are taught to feel and stretch slowly into the fascial network to realease the fascial tension.

Pregnancy Massage (30 min £25, 1 HR £40)
Ease the aches and pains of pregnancy of just pamper your self with a bespoke pregnancy massage. Suitable from 12 weeks right through your pregnancy. Let us make you bloom.

Reflexology (1 HR £40)
Reflexology is usually given on the feet, although hand reflexology is also an option. Reflex points on the soles of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. Stimulation of these points by a therapist can help bring the body back into balance. Can be beneficial for a wide variety of health issues including stress, chronic health conditions and fertility.

Swedish Massage (90 min £50, 1HR £40, 30 Min £25)
Swedish massage is a full body massage working directly on the skin using oils. This massage may either be a gentle relaxing massage or a more vigorous stimulating massage working deep into the muscles. It is effective at releasing tension both emotional and physical.

Neal’s Yard Signature Organic Body Treatments

  • Holistic Facial and Indian Head Massage – This treatment consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a relaxing lymphatic drainage and acupressure point massage to improve skin texture, circulation and cellular activity as well as remove toxins and tension in the face followed by a scalp massage to eliminate stress and give a feeling of wellbeing and pure bliss. Then a mask is applied and followed with a hand and arm massage. Finally a moisturiser to hold in moisture and protect the skin. This treatment uses Neil’s Yards organic products with infused essential oils to enhance the skins natural beauty and glow with radiance.
  • Nina’s Signature treatment the BFF is the ultimate in luxury and indulgence. Designed to fully eliminate stress and make you feel renewed. Nina has developed the ultimate package treatment. The treatment consists of a Swedish back massage with added hot stones, a holistic facial & Indian head massage finished off with a deep and relaxing foot massage. Nina leaves you relaxed from head to after 90 mins of bliss she will be your new BFF. 90 mins £60