Nutrition for Health

What we eat has a profound effect of our health and wellbeing.  Some foods nourish us and other foods cause imbalances. However there is no ‘one diet fits all’. We are all unique and therefore our food requirements are also unique and they constantly change depending on our circumstances. They change according to where we are in our lifecycle, illness, stress, predispositions and our environment.

Nutritional therapy is tailored nutrition that helps you to identify the diet that is best for your particularly circumstances.  You are guided to make diet changes and carry out functional tests that provide information about your individual imbalances. There are a range of tests that might be recommended, but some of these include a female hormone panel, adrenal testing, thyroid analysis, comprehensive stool test or food intolerance testing.  The results of these tests provide your practitioner with information so that an appropriate supplementation programme can also be put together to complement your diet and lifestyle changes.

Nutritional therapy therefore goes beyond diet recommendations for healthy eating and also works at correcting underlying imbalances so that the body can return to health.  Specific conditions that nutritional therapy can help with include:

  • Fertility
  • Hormonal imbalances including amenorrhea, PCOS, fibroids & endometriosis
  • Fatigue / burn-out
  • Digestive complaints including IBS, bloating, indigestion &constipation

Nutrition is also profoundly helpful during pregnancy and the post-natal period. During pregnancy it helps to ensure the baby has all the nourishment it needs for healthy development, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, constipation, bloating, muscle cramps, fatigue, water retention and pre-eclampsia. In the post-natal period good nourishment helps the body to recover from the demands of childbirth, whether natural or following surgery, and helps support the health of the newborn for breastfeeding mothers. This can help reduce the incidence of symptoms such as reflux, colic and food intolerances.

All dietary advice is given in a way that is achievable and takes into account that everyone is starting from a different point.  Clients are encouraged to explore, experiment and have fun – after all food is for sharing, celebrating and enjoying!


Initial consultation (£80) for 1 hour
Follow-up consultations (£60) for 45 minutes

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