Philippa Ryan

Shiatsu and Complementary Therapies

Philippa is the Newest member to the Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility Team.   Philippa’s passion for Shiatsu began after she witnessed the founder of the Glasgow School of Shiatsu perform an abdominal diagnosis. She was amazed by the power of this bodywork she decided to train as a Shiatsu practitioner. Philippa trained for 4 years studying at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and Glasgow Clyde College, developing her practice within complementary therapies.  Phillipa is a senior student of Classical and Zen Shiatsu styles.  She also has a keen interest in the Eastern health approach including herbal medicine and macrobiotics.

Philippa is also a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist. She also holds a qualification in Manual lymphatic drainage technique and practices Qi gong.  Philippa enjoys tailoring a treatment to her client’s specific needs, often pulling elements from the various disciplines she practices.

Philippa’s passion is for helping others improve and maintain their well being, particularly in the area of women’s health. She has experience working with a host of health conditions including pain management, anxiety and digestive issues.

You can read more about Shiatsu here or for more information contact us.

Phillipa Ryan

Working Hours

Wednesday 9.30am -7pm
Friday 9.30-2.30pm,
other times may be available at request