1-to-1 therapeutic yoga sessions are available for women to support their individual needs.

Women’s Wellness yoga
Yoga for women’s health is gentle and restorative. It aims at increasing blood flow to the pelvic organs to support healthy menstruation, as well as nourishing the nervous and endocrine system.  The practices are both relaxing and energizing and include postures, breathing exercises and simple meditations.  Individual sessions can be tailored to help hormonal balance, including regulating menstruation and reducing PMT symptoms, as well as increasing energy and fertility.  Sessions are also suitable for women undergoing IVF.

Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy is a sacred time of transformation and yoga gives women time to connect with themselves and their baby. Sessions are focused on empowering the mother through pregnancy and childbirth by learning flowing movements, breath work, sound and relaxation techniques.  It is ideal for helping to relieve anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, constipation, backache and pelvic girdle pain, as well as preparing the body for natural childbirth.

Each session is guided by the needs of the mother and is adapted to meet the different demands of each trimester.  Specific support on active birth methods is also available.

Post-Natal Yoga
Post-natal yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that can be started anytime from a few hours after childbirth to many months afterwards. It works to gently heal, tone and strengthen the inner muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor through the use of the breath. The practices help to close the body, restore alignment and encourage deep rest and relaxation.

Mothers can practice with their babies and this also strengthens the mother-baby connection and expands spirals of love and joy between them. These self-nurturing methods can be applied ‘off the mat’ and allow mothers to re-connect to their sense of self and develop strong inner resources for mothering. Specific practices are taught to help with anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, split-rectus abdominis muscles, pelvic girdle pain, depression, insufficient lactation, weak pelvic floor and uterine prolapse.

Individual session (£45) for 1 hour

For more information about yoga and how it can help you please contact Julia.